where does sleeping freshmen never lie take place

Where Does Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie Take Place? The book I’m going to be telling you about is “Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie” By David Lubar. The genre is young adult fiction. The setting of this book is in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley and in the High School Zenger High. The story takes place in modern times.

What is the main conflict in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie? 1 Answers. Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is the story of Scott Hudson’s freshman year in high school. Scott begins the year worried about high school and what it will be like for him. Although he finds high school difficult at first, he learns to cope with all the changes, make friends, and embrace the challenges.

What grade level is Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie? Recommended, this book has appeal to boys and girls alike from Grades 7 on up.

What does Mr Perchal offer Scott?

What does Mr. Perchal offer Scott? What is ironic about Scott accepting the offer? He offered him a spot on the stage crew. He wasn’t given the benefits of being on the stage crew.

What book does Scott see Lee reading Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

In chapter sixteen, Scott sees Lee reading a copy of Byron’s poems and asks if she knows his poem about the vampire. She quotes some of it, says she has it at home, and offers to let Scott borrow the book.

Who is Wesley cobble in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

1 Answers. Wesley Cobble from Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is the bully who is short but looks mean, he is eventually talked into being good by Scott telling him how he is effecting the younger kids.

What news does Mr and Mrs Hudson tell Scott?

What news does Mr. & Mrs. Hudson tell Scott? His parents are having another baby.

What does Lee write on her locker?

What did the new sign on Lee’s locker say? The New sign says, ” This is a cantaloupe.”

What happens when Scott finally gets up the nerve to say hi to Julia?

What happens when Scott gets up the nerve to say “hi” to Julia? He chickens out.

How many chapters are in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie?

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie – Chapters 31 through 33 Summary & Analysis. This Study Guide consists of approximately 36 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more – everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie.

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